Monday, December 31, 2007


Awww, poor little guy. This is one of the most touching pictures I've ever seen, and the best example of true loyalty imaginable.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Mini City: Naknek

I started my own little city on, and I want all of you to come visit! This site lets you create your own little city, kinda similar to SimCity, except instead of getting bigger by your actions, your city grows by people visiting it. So why don't you pop by and check out Naknek, and if you want, you can create your own too!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Animated Bacon

That's it. Animated bacon. All I know, all you need to know. Click the image to see the animation (it's somewhat of a large file at 1.47MB.)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Land of the Free (My Ass!)

I came upon this absolutely horrific account of an Icelandic woman's account of how she was treated upon arrival at JFK airport in New York due to staying a week longer than her visa had allowed in 1995. It makes me ashamed to even be a US citizen when I read things like this, and the worst part is this is becoming the NORM lately. Everybody please pass this link around, something really needs to be done.

Lost (English translation) - blog post by Erla Ósk Arnardóttir Lillendahl (original post)

Desktop Environments vs. Window Managers

Many of you who are new to Linux have probably encountered the terms desktop environment and window manager, and might be thinking "what the hell are either and why do I care?" Well, if you're not running a brand new computer, you might have a lot of reason to care. I came across an article today on Download Squad that explains the difference in a newbie-friendly manner. Most Linux installations default to either KDE or GNOME. These are both what's known as desktop environments. This is something akin to what Windows is to a PC or what OSX is to a Mac, a full-featured environment that provides everything you need to access everything on your computer. This might seem like 'well, ok duh,' but there are other options. Back in the early days of Linux, you had to put together all the components of a complete system yourself. This involved a window manager.

A window manager does one main thing, and that is to handle windows. That includes the borders and controls that let you control what is visible and how you interact with it. It also includes the menus and desktop icons (if that is how the particular manager does it.) In addition to it, you also needed to have software running to handle your sound, any panels you wanted, screensaver, and anything else you wanted to run. This seems like it might be tedious and complicated, and sometimes it is, but it allows for a COMPLETELY customized Linux experience. You can control every aspect of your system and have it look, act, and work just how you want. And as a side effect of only running the components you need, window managers are much slimmer, quicker, more efficient, and if they crash, they don't take down anything else with them (like that novel you are working on and haven't saved for 25 pages.) A couple of my favorite window managers are Enlightenment and Window Maker. If you have an older PC that seems real sluggish currently, (or you think you can't even use) give one of these a try, you might find out your 233MHz PII can run as well as your 2GHz P4, and can look good doing it.

Tip: if you really are putting it on a 233 (or something slow) go with Window Maker, it is much slimmer than Enlightenment.

Special thanks to Kristin Shoemaker for her (sorry Kristin!) excellent blog post on the topic, check his article for more information on desktop environments and window managers.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Anti-Gravity Cat

I know you've seen the thing with the cat with a piece of toast with jam strapped to its back, and I know you've seen the LOLcat labeled "Anti-Gravity Cat," but this brings whole new meaning to the phrase!

USB Flash Drive Virus Proof of Concept

I came across something very disturbing a few minutes ago, and I think the world really needs to know about it. I know you all know that Windows is horribly vulnerable to every PC malady that has ever existed, but here's one that is basically built-in on purpose by Microsoft.

This particular exploit utilizes the built in autorun.inf 'feature' in all recent versions of Windows to run its payload, whose source code can be seen at QuantumG's site where I Stumbled Upon it. What the code does, is basically as soon as you insert the flash drive containing this program, opener.exe, and the 4 lines in autorun.inf, it will find any other removable drives, copy itself onto them, and hide itself. The actual process goes like this:

  1. Open an explorer window for the drive we're running from.
  2. Make sure there is only one copy of opener.exe running.
  3. Scan the available drives for any that are removable.
  4. Check that there is some free space on the drive.
  5. Check that the drive doesn't already have an autorun.inf.
  6. Dump the following into autorun.inf:
    This creates a new shell command which I've just randomly named "Eject" and, importantly, makes it the default action.
  7. Write a copy of opener.exe to the drive.
  8. Mark both autorun.inf and opener.exe as hidden.
  9. Do any other removable drives we can find.
  10. Wait about a minute.
  11. Go back to step 3.
This is very basic virus behavior, but if the author was malicious, absolutely anything they wanted to do could be done. This has very serious implications for users, and needs to be addressed post-haste by Microsoft. Let's get the word out, you can help by Stumbling, Digging, or doing whatever you can to share this post and get it fixed.

Original site at
Image courtesy of Francois Thé

Friday, December 14, 2007

WTF... really, WTF!?

I have no idea what the hell is going on here, but I think I have an idea. I read somewhere about someone who replied to one of those Nigerian scams where the guy was trying to buy a laptop with some fake escrow site where he would send the laptop, but never get paid, and so of course, he got the guy back really good and as part of it he made the guy send him pictures of himself naked to 'prove it was really him' and have him send pictures of him doing all sorts of weird stuff to prove he didn't just get a picture of some other naked black guy. I bet this is along those exact same lines, someone told these guys that to get their scammed money or merchandise, they have to send a picture of them, all three with pickles in their mouth, and 5 loaves of bread on the one guys stomach while the other two hold him off the ground. LOL some people are so retarded! Enjoy!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

How to post HTML code on your website

OK, so I came across this great tip that lets you see the passwords you have saved in Firefox, so I immediately went to post it on here, and after typing it up, putting the code in, and trying to post it, I found out that it won't show the code on my site because it is interpreting it. So, I had a new problem: how to show the code without it being read as code. It took me a few minutes to find out how to do this, and I had to use a few methods of searching before I found the appropriate answer, so here it is just for you:

Within the HTML example, first replace the "&" character with "&" everywhere it occurs. Then replace the "<" character with "<" and the ">" character with ">" in the same way.

Within the HTML example, first replace the "&" character with "&amp;" everywhere it occurs. Then replace the "<" character with "&lt;" and the ">" character with "&gt;" in the same way.

Interestingly enough, in order to post these instructions, I had to replace "&amp;" with "&quot;&amp;&quot;", "&lt;" with "&quot;$amp;lt;&quot;", and "&gt;" with "&quot;$amp;gt;&quot;" so that they themselves aren't interpreted. To show you what I had to type to get "&quot;&amp;&quot;" to display, view the source, cause it would be really really confusing if I tried to make it viewable, the first level of de-interpretation was bad enough, let alone the second. I better stop before I recurse into infinity showing what has to be input as code to display what the code should be. Enjoy!

View password 'asteriskd out' in Firefox

Have you ever needed to see what that password you had Firefox remember last year was because now you can only get on that website from your computer at home, and need it at work? Or something like that. I know it's been awhile since I made a post, but come on guys, nobody has even noticed, have you? Anyways, to see what's behind the ***s, make sure you are on the page you want to get the password from, and it is entered in the box (you can see ****** in the box.) Now, click in the address bar up top, and replace the text in there with the following text: (copy and paste)

javascript:(function(){var s,F,j,f,i; s = ""; F = document.forms; for(j=0; j<F.length; ++j) { f = F[j]; for (i=0; i<f.length; ++i) { if (f[i].type.toLowerCase() == "password") s += f[i].value + "\n"; } } if (s) alert("Passwords in forms on this page:\n\n" + s); else alert("There are no passwords in forms on this page.");})();

When you press enter, you will get a box revealing the mystery!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Hundreds of useful links!

I know it's been a little while since I posted anything, so I figure I'll give you a really good one. This is a list of several hundred useful sites that will help you do almost anything you could need to do on the computer. Enjoy!

Utilities, tune-up, maintenance & useful PC information
1-4a Rename - batch, mass file renamer & other useful utilities (2/18/04)
Active@ Kill Disk - free powerful hard drive eraser (11/7/04)
Add/Remove Pro - useful Add/Remove Programs utility - ultimate online HelpDesk for PC problems (5/17/04)
AutoPatcher - install all the updates & registry tweaks (6/22/04)
BartPE - Bart's Preinstalled Environment (BartPE) bootable live windows CD/DVD (10/6/04)
Batchrun - create batch files Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000
Batchrun XP alternative - create .cmd files (using Notepad) (6/21/04)
Black Viper's web site - Windows configurations, setup, tweaks...
Black Viper archived - archived site (5/10/05)
Black Viper archived - archived site for XP SP2 (5/10/05)
Boot Log Analyzer - looks at your Windows BOOTLOG.TXT file for startup issues (5/21/05)
Boot Log XP - the best Windows boot analyzer (5/21/05)
BootVis - performance trace visualization tool for faster boot-startup times (8/1/04)
CDCheck - utility for prevention, error detection & recovery of damaged files (6/30/04)
CodeStuff Starter - view & manage all the programs that are starting - very complete and updated high-tech dictionary for computer users (9/20/04)
Darik's Boot and Nuke - self-contained boot floppy that securely wipes the hard disks of most computers (11/7/04)
ExplorerXP - innovative FREEWARE file manager for Windows 2000/XP (5/20/05)
File Management in Windows XP - a lot of info & tips from The Elder Geek (5/20/05)
FileAnt File Manager - Windows file manager on tabs, FTP client (5/20/05)
Filex - complete reference on File Extensions & associated applications
freeCommander - dual pane, “swiss army knife” replacement for Windows Explorer (12/17/04)
freshdevices - excellent utilities like Fresh Download, Fresh Diagnose, Fresh UI, Fresh View... (5/21/05)
HDD Scan and Restoration Program - free HDD repair & data recovery software (11/7/04)
Help2Go - committed to offering free computer help & tutorials (6/23/04)
Lavalys - freeware system diagnostics & benchmarking solution (6/30/04)
Lockergnome Tips - “Your Top Technology Information Resource”
Low-Level Format, Zero-Fill & Diagnostic Utilities - info on HDD (Hard Disk Drive) utilities & formatting (11/7/04)
Low-Level Format, Zero-Fill & Diagnostic Utilities - manufacturer links for HDD utilities (11/7/04)
How to permanently erase data from a hard disk - site about permanently erasing data on a hard drive (11/7/04)
Motherboard Monitor - manage your fans, resources & alarms
MSFN's Unattended XP CD - create XP CD with Critical Updates, tweaks, drivers... (5/27/04)
MyCoolTools - real useful tools: VisualRoute, MySpeed, Visual IP Trace, eMailTrackerPro... (8/20/05)
nLite - excellent free Windows Installation Customizer, remove unwanted Windows components (8/28/04)
PC INSPECTOR File Recovery - data recovery program for FAT 12/16/32 & NTFS file systems (6/30/04)
PC INSPECTOR smart recovery - File Recovery companion for digital camera media... (6/30/04)
PowerToys - Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP, TweakUI...
PrcView - explore & debug, process viewer for Windows (7/1/04)
Process Explorer - advanced task manager (6/26/04)
Regcompact.NET - registry compaction program that cleans empty values (5/3/2004)
RegEditX - unsurpassed RegEdit productivity
Registrar Lite - powerful & flexible freeware registry editor
Registry Guide for Windows - (formerly RegHelp, RegEditX,
RegShot - small & open-sourced registry compare utility
Restoration - restore files that are deleted accidentally & not in recycle bin (6/30/04)
SiSoftware Sandra Standard - The Diagnostic Tool
SpeedFan - monitors fan speeds, temperatures & voltages in PCs...
Startup Control Panel - easily configure which programs run when your PC starts
StartupList - WAY better than msconfig lists all auto starting programs (5/17/04)
Sysinternals Freeware - free very professional/quality system utilities (6/26/04)
Sysinternals RegMon - Registry monitoring utility
Textractor - captures text from screen
The Elder Geek on Windows XP - very useful free information site like Black Viper's
ToniArts EasyCleaner - very useful program to clean PC & registry (5/20/04)
TreeSize - tells you where precious space has gone to
TweakHound - Super XP tweaking guide (1/31/04)
TweakTown WinXP Tweaking - From Reformat to Relax (1/31/04)
TweakTown WinXP Tweaking - From Relax to Righteous (1/31/04)
Ultimate Boot CD - boot CD for any OS, also WinUBCD & other free apps (10/6/04)
UnH Solutions - free excellent system utilities (6/26/04)
User Profile Deletion Utility - Delprof.exe - get rid of old User Profiles that are no longer needed (5/14/05)
Windows MultiEnhancer - remove Windows DialogBox, Outlook Express & Internet Explorer annoyances (12/8/04)
Windows Registry cleaners, downloads - search, delete & cure invalid references to Windows Registry (5/6/05)
Windows service packs & updates - OS and application patch repository, no need for Windows Update! (8/16/06)
Windows Services - a list of all standard Windows Services for NT, 2000 & XP (6/22/05)
Windows update driver site - latest secure Windows certified hardware drivers (6/30/04)
Windows XP Home Edition Utility - setup disks for floppy boot install (6/30/04)
Windows XP Installation - Step-by-Step Windows XP install
Winuscon -unearths many Windows's most useful features (6/30/04)
Xteq X-Setup Pro - 1 of most powerful free tweakers, utilities in 1 program
Tweaks & overclocking - Windows XP tweaks (1/31/04) - the original overclockers club (1/31/04)
Extreme Overclocking - tweaking PC hardware to the max (1/31/04)
Overclockers Club - XP Services removal guide (1/31/04)
Overclockers Online - news, reviews & the kitchen sink (1/31/04) - push system performance to limit (1/31/04)
TweakTown - overclocking, tweaking... site (1/31/04)
Security, adware, spyware, spam, cookies, pop-ups...
AnalogX Script Defender - intercepts all requests to execute a variety of script types (.VBS, .JS, .WSH...) (5/15/05)
Anti-Virus freeware - free anti-virus software from (8/11/04)
avast! 4 Home Edition - free antivirus software
AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition - free antivirus software - “freeware for you” site, apps like Toolbar Chest, 2 tools below... (6/30/04)
CachePal - dump your IE cache files, browser history, & cookies quickly (6/30/04)
ScrubXP - cleans out temp files, cookies, history & Windows XP opened/searched files (6/30/04)
Bazooka Adware & Spyware Scanner - detects a multitude of spyware, adware, trojan... (2/11/04)
Browser Hijack Blaster - stop anyone from hijacking your home page + other features (6/30/04)
CastleCops - formerly ComputerCops, security professionals (9/5/04)
Cookie Viewer - discover info that websites leave on your computer (5/7/05)
CWShredder - small utility for removing CoolWebSearch & associated spyware apps (9/7/04)
Eraser - secure data removal tool for Windows (6/22/04)
Eraser - SourceForge open-source site for Eraser (6/22/04)
HijackThis! - powerful spyware tool, many other useful downloads (5/17/04)
IE Privacy Keeper - simple & fast browsing history cleaner for Internet Explorer (6/26/04)
IE-SPYAD - Restricted Sites block list file download, Registry entry (5/14/05)
LeakTest - test for any leaks in your Firewall (6/22/05)
MVPS Hosts File - Restricted Sites block list file download, Registry entry (5/14/05)
MVPS Hosts File - info & help for Restricted Sites block list/Hosts file (5/14/05)
Junkbusters home page - dedicated to fighting junk inside the PC (7/1/04)
Lavasoft Ad-Aware - useful adware/spyware scanner removal program
Microsoft Windows XP - site for latest updates, Service Packs & utilities (5/23/04)
Microsoft Security FAQ - FAQ about Microsoft Software & Internet Security
PGP Freeware - encrypt messages & keep e-mail confidential (6/30/04)
Pop-Up Stopper Free Edition - pop-up blocker with history, cookies... "privacy report" (6/30/04)
Privoxy - proxy web filter download & choice of OS's
Privoxy home page - web filter home page (based on Internet Junkbuster & updated)
Privoxy sources - IE6 enhancements, future versions...
Proxomitron - proxy web filter, similar to Privoxy - not sure of updates (5/7/05)
RegistryProt - compact, low-level realtime registry monitor and protector (5/15/05)
Sam Spade - network-query tool that can help you locate bulk mailers, spammers... (6/30/04)
ScriptSentry - specify which scripts/files should be allowed to run, like AnalogX Script Defender (5/15/05)
SECRETMAKER - handle spam, plus 6 other useful tools (2/23/2004)
SpamAssassin - excellent e-mail SPAM filter that's very flexible... (6/15/05)
Spy Sweeper - free Spyware removal tools & info (9/5/04)
SpyBot - Search & Destroy - powerful spyware/adware... detector & remover
Spyware Doctor - new version very effective for spyware detection (7/6/05)
Spyware Warrior Forums - help with Spyware, Hijackers & other Internet nuisances (9/7/04)
SpywareBlaster - + SpywareGuard, MRU-Blaster... prevent spyware from installing
SpywareInfo - online spyware remover, doesn't scan cookies (5/31/04)
StartupMonitor - notifies you when any program registers itself to run at system startup (5/15/05)
Sygate Personal Firewall - excellent secure Firewall, user friendly (5/12/05)
SwatIt - scans your computer for Trojans, Worms, Bots and other Hacker programs (9/30/04)
Trend Micro - online virus scanner (2/21/2004) Security Advisors - website is totally devoted to security
WinPatrol - spyware program launch alert (6/30/04)
ZoneAlarm - excellent free firewall
Internet browsers & other web surfing software enhancements
AltaVista Toolbar - toolbar w/Google like features + Babelfish translator button (6/30/04)
Avant Browser - versatile tabbed browser using IE engine (5/29/04)
Copernic search engine - allows you to search ALL search engines at once (11/9/04)
Gaim - multi-protocol instant messaging client for Linux, BSD, MacOS X, and Windows (6/30/04)
Google Deskbar - search using Google without opening your browser (6/30/04)
Messenger Plus! - the most popular add-on for MSN Messenger (6/30/04)
Googlebar - search bar plug-in for Mozilla (6/30/04)
Mozilla Firefox - Mozilla's next generation browser (5/28/04)
Mozilla Firefox Extensions - Most popular Firefox Extensions (5/13/05)
Mozilla Firefox Extensions - Free Download Manager: FULL of features, works w/FlashGot Extension (5/16/05)
Mozilla Firefox Extensions - Download Manager Tweak: still adds features, but smaller alternative (5/16/05)
Mozilla Firefox Extensions - fireFTP: cross-platform FTP client for Mozilla Firefox (6/8/05)
Mozilla Firefox Installation Guide - very useful simple guide & tips for Firefox browser (5/13/05)
Mozilla Suite - web browser, advanced e-mail... all-in-one Internet application suite (5/13/05)
Mozilla Thunderbird - Mozilla's e-mail & newsgroup client (6/30/04)
MyIE2 - tabbed interface solution for browser Windows filling taskbar (6/30/04)
Opera - full-featured web browser - surf the web faster, safer & easier (5/14/05)
SeaMonkey - from, all-in-one Internet application suite (4/25/06)
Toolbar Chest - for OE - save window positions, layout & many more settings (6/30/04)
Trillian Basic - multi-network IM client - IRC, AOL, ICQ, MSN, or Yahoo... (6/30/04)
w00t! - counter-strike search engine (11/14/04)
Useful software & links for freeware
100best FREE web space Providers - The Truth About Free Web Hosting
7-Zip - versatile zip extractor
AceFTP 3 - FTP client for creating/exchanging web pages
AceHTML 5 - web page creation, validation (6/19/04, no more updates)
AceMoney Lite - freeware manages your finances (6/30/04)
Adobe Acrobat Reader - useful Internet .pdf file viewer, other features... (6/30/04)
AnalogX - free Network utilities (8/12/04)
André Bacard's Privacy Page - Protect Your Computer, Financial, Internet & Political Privacy (11/29/05)
AutoHotKey - create Macros, automate tasks (6/11/04)
Bart's Network Book Disk - professional network boot disk (2/12/04) - create your own blog/web page
Blowfish - The Blowfish Encryption Algorithm, useful for SFTP server transfer... (5/20/05)
CadSoft Online - Eagle Light Edition: free circuit board, electronics... CAD (7/3/04)
CORE FTP LE - FULL FEATURED FTP, SFTP... client for PC... website file transfer (5/17/05)
Cryptainer LE - award winning encryption package is totally free & never expires (11/29/05)
DC++ - free ultimate file sharing client for Direct Connect Network (5/5/05)
Dir to HTML Wizard - Advanced Directory Manager (2/10/04)
DNSstuff - useful tools for network administrators, domain owners, users of DNS hosting services, etc. (6/23/05)
extendedPDF - make your documents much easier to read w/PDF's navigation (11/29/05)
FileZilla - FTP client for web pages, lots of useful features
Foxit Reader - free reader for PDF (eBook) documents, small <1 MB download size (10/22/05)
Free Download Manager - FULL of features, also works w/FlashGot Extension in Firefox browser (5/16/05)
FREE DOWNLOADS CENTER - free utilities download site (8/12/04)
Free SSH and SCP - secure transfer protocol for Windows 9x, NT, ME, 2000 and XP (5/20/05)
FreeBSD - FreeBSD makes an ideal Internet or Intranet server (5/7/05)
FreeDNS - Free DNS, Dynamic DNS, subdomain and domain hosting (5/7/05) - The one site for all free CAD, CAM and CAE programs (6/19/04) - your free software resource - utilities (8/12/04)
Freeware Home - collection of free software & Internet services (8/11/04)
Freeware World Team - International Freeware Database (8/11/04)
FreeWorld DIALUP - uses a broadband Internet connection to make phone calls (6/30/04)
Ghostscript - PDF engine, 3 similar links right below... (3/11/05)
GnuPG - a complete and free replacement for PGP encryption (11/29/05)
GSview - display & print PostScript and PDF files, requires Ghostscript (3/11/05)
RedMon - Redirection Port Monitor - redirect Ghostscript .pdf to a file (or printer) (3/11/05)
Creating a free PDFWriter using Ghostscript - step by step on how to create a PDF Writer (3/11/05)
Hamachi - organize 2 or more computers w/Internet connection into secure virtual network (5/24/05)
HTML-Kit - web page creation, Multiple Validators
HTML-Kit Plugins Generator - very useful additions to HTML-Kit (6/19/04)
Internet Download Manager - handle your downloads & increase download speeds... (6/30/04)
IrfanView - free compact powerful image editor (6/30/04)
IZArc - the ultimate archive/compression utility supports many archive formats (1/21/05)
JXHTMLEDIT - excellent easy browser-based HTML/XHTML authoring tool based on Java 2 (5/17/05)
KeyNote - multi-featured tabbed notebook (6/30/04)
Microsoft Typography - free font tools & utilities site (8/12/04)
Moochers Freeware - your home for free software on the 'net (8/11/04)
NetLeech - excellent versatile download manager
NoteTab Light - Notepad replacement, MS Word alternative, handy ASCII MDI, HTML editor (2/19/04) - convert just about anything to anything else (7/18/04) 1.1 - free open-source alternative to Microsoft Office (Excel, Word...)
OpenOffice Calc Tips - spreadsheet resource page & plug-ins (9/18/05) - find open source software alternatives to well-known commercial software (10/26/06)
Xnumbers - OpenOffice plugin, many features - improves on 15 significant bit calcs... (9/18/05)
Xnumbers - Excel plugin, many features - improves on 15 significant bit calcs... (9/18/05)
PC--->MAC - link page to MAC to/from PC utilities (3/11/05)
POV-Ray - free tool for creating stunning 3-D graphics (8/9/04)
PureText - copy text from Web pages, remove formatting... (6/30/04)
Python - powerful object-oriented programming language, like Perl, Tcl, Scheme, or Java (5/20/05)
Ramsinks - The Free GOOD Software List, another excellent site for free apps (12/10/05)
RoboForm - free password manager, form filler, password generator... (6/30/04)
StatCounter - invisible web tracker, hit counter, real-time web stats... (5/6/05)
SimpleServer:WWW - set up your own webserver... (2/10/04)
SmartFTP - like CORE FTP LE, free feature rich file-web transfer app (5/17/05)
SnapFiles - huge free software repository (8/16/06)
StatCounter - invisible web tracker, hit counter, real-time web stats... (5/6/05) - all free utilities (8/12/04)
Tech Support Alert - The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities (8/12/04)
The Exhibit Engine - PHP/MySQL application for smooth and versatile online photograph display (11/29/05)
The FreewarePC - run your PC all on FREEWARE (except OS) (8/11/04)
the GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program: photo, image composition & image authoring (6/30/04)
The International PGP Home Page - resource for PGP encryption program & the OpenPGP standard (11/29/05)
The Official Free Web Hosting Guide - the best free web hosting sites on the web (5/6/05)
The R Project - free software environment for statistical computing and graphics (9/18/05) - Free Encryption/Cryptographic Software (11/29/05) - home of the Web's best Freebies (8/11/04)
Tripod - one the best free web hosting sites on the web (5/7/05)
TUGZip - provides support for a wide range of compressed, encoded and disc-image files (9/7/04)
Ultimate CAD Directory - free CAD viewers, reviews & great site for CAD (9/23/04)
web-based news aggregator - create your own custom newspage for your website (5/20/05)
Web Wiz Guide - site for web design & development
WinKeySim - create Macros, automate tasks... (5/21/05)
WinSCP - open source freeware SFTP client for Windows using SSH (5/20/05) - The Universal Currency Converter (7/10/04)
Zip Central - free & easy smart zip file compression manager (6/30/04)

A.P. Lawrence - Unix, Linux & Mac OS X Help site (1/31/04)
Fedora Linux - free open-source alternative operating system
FreeBSD - advanced OS for Pentium, Athlon & other compatible architectures (5/21/2005)
FreeSBIE - FreeBSD-based operating system that works directly from a CD (5/21/05)
FRESHMEAT - vast Linux free resource site (7/1/04)
IntelliCAD 2001 - 3D CAD (might not be free anymore)
Java - download from Sun Microsystems
Knoppix - a bootable CD with a collection of GNU/Linux software (5/21/05) - Linux hardware/software resource site (1/31/04)
LiveCD - create your own LiveCD from a currently installed Linux distribution (5/21/05)
SLAX - small bootable CD containing the Linux operating system (5/21/05)
Useful links for other great freeware download sites
DOWNLOAD.COM - useful vast free download resource site (7/1/04) - excellent free “search for the device driver you need” site (6/30/04)
FreeByte - freeware programs created by Freebyte (7/1/04) - super tools & utilities download site (5/21/04)
NONAGS - the original & best genuine freeware site (7/1/04)
Nu2 Productions Website - free Utilities, BootCD & Disk, Multimedia apps... (7/19/04) - pretty self explanatory (7/1/04)
PC World download - vast PC download resource site (7/1/04)
Pricelessware - the best of the best in Windows freeware (2/18/04)
Tucows Downloads - vast download site for Windows, Mac, Linux... (7/1/04)
Absolute MP3 Recorder - record PC sound directly to MP3 file
AnalogX - 30 different DirectX utilities & plug-ins for audio files (7/1/04)
ASIO4ALL - Universal ASIO Driver For WDM Audio (6/13/04)
auCDtect - audio CD authenticity detector (4/22/05)
Tau Analyzer - audio CD authenticity detector - updated version of Aucdtect (4/22/05)
Audacity - wav sound file editor, audio recorder... (1/6/04)
AVIcodec - multiple info on movies, particularly video & audio codecs (11/12/04)
BumpUp.exe - small useful filtering/edit tool for audio recordings (5/21/04)
Cdex - CD ripping & converting...
CDisplay Sequential Image Viewer - Windows image viewer for JPEG, PNG & GIF formats (8/11/04)
dBpowerAMP Audio Player - complete audio player (2/18/04)
dBpowerAMP Music Converter - Swiss army knife of audio (2/18/04)
Digital Sound Planet/Quartz Audio Master - audio recording software (5/21/04)
Etree Wiki - award-winning leader in lossless digital audio distribution (7/1/04)
EvilLyrics - view the lyrics of song that's playing, automatic search (7/1/04)
Exact Audio Copy - new audio grabber for CD-ROM drives
FLAC - audiophile lossless encoder
foobar2000 - excellent free useful “audiophile” audio player..
foobar2000 plugins - R1CH's foobar2000 Plugins, Winamp API Emulator (6/13/04)
iTunes - digital jukebox for Mac & Windows (7/1/04)
jetAudio Basic - jukebox, burner, recorder, many features (6/11/04)
KRISTAL Audio Engine - audio recording software (5/21/04)
LAME - open-source LPGL MP3 encoder
Media Player Classic - non-bloat replacement for Windows Media Player
MediaMonkey - free versatile music manager
Monkey's Audio - lossless compression
MPEG Home Page - Official site for MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MP3... lossy compressed formats (7/18/04)
MPEG.ORG - home page of the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) (7/18/04)
mp3DirectCut - a small tool for editing MPEG audio directly
MP3Trim - clean up & improve your MP3 collection (7/1/04)
MusicBrainz - community music metadatabase & comprehensive music information site (6/17/05)
Nero DriveSpeed w/ASPI manager - control DVD-ROM speed (2/3/2004)
Nullsoft Winamp - excellent versatile free audio utility (3 popular plugins below)
ASIO plugin
CDReader plugin
Monkey's Audio plugin
Kernel Streaming output plugin for Winamp2 - info & help @ Hydrogen Audio Discussion Forum (11/11/04)
Kernel Streaming output plugin for Winamp2 - direct download link (11/11/04)
Quintessential Player - free full featured audio utility
Shockwave Player Download Center - the standard for viewing rich media Web content (7/1/04)
Shorten - (SHN) lossless audio encoder (3/21/04)
System Tray Audio Card Switcher - switch default audio device via click on system tray icon (11/3/05)
Trader's Little Helper - for converting & trading lossless compressed audio files (5/30/06)
VLC media player - the cross-platform media player and streaming server (6/24/04)
Windows Media 9 HDTV Encoding Guide - Windows Media 9 HDTV Encoding Guide @ AVS Forum
Windows Media Encoder 9 - take advantage of Windows Media 9 Series
Windows Media Player - excellent popular free audio/HD video player
WMSnoop - free WMV frame-by-frame anaylsis tool (4/27/05)
Zoom Player - simple audio/video player, but gives Power Users all the tools & interfaces
ZynAddSubFX - opensource software synthesizer capable of making a countless number of instruments (8/20/04)
HTPC setup...
3DChipset - ATi Radeon BIOS Flash Programs & Utilities
AC3Filter - DirectShow filter for AC3 decoding/real-time encoding (6/25/04)
AC3Filter - new improved release candidate (6/25/04)
AC3Filter - link that will self update w/each new AC3Filter release (7/18/04)
Ant Movie Catalog - manage your collection of CD/DVD movies (1/31/04) - antenna setup & resource site
AVI_IO - for supported video cards, capturing w/scheduling solution (6/14/04)
AVI_IO - WDM Video Capture Driver for XP (6/14/04)
AVS Forum Search Page - search forum(s), normal search (3/1/2004)
AVS Home Theater Computer - HTPC meta FAQ thread (6/20/04)
AVS Home Theater Computer Forum - thats THIS forum!
Beyond Remote Client and Server - view remote computers, transfer files/clipboard, chat, & power on... (8/21/05)
Bobyte Software - freeware AVI splitter & combining utilities (3/11/05)
BootXP - Windows boot screens
Chameleon - HTPC front-end framework with a very customizable interface (7/7/04)
CheckHD - CheckHD tells you all about high definition (HD) at your house (3/1/05)
CTpvr & CTtv - free PVR for Hauppauge PVR 250/350 TV tuner cards (7/7/04)
Dead Pixel Buddy - program for testing LCD screens for dead pixels (6/7/05)
Digital Theater Interface - HTPC user interface (2/8/04)
DirectShow Filter Manager - utility to help list, sort, find, add or remove DirectShow filters (7/21/05)
Filmerit - freeware application for cleaning and managing DirectShow filters (7/21/05)
RadLight Filter Manager - open-source tool allows you to change merit of DirectShow filters (7/21/05)
DirecTV - Control your DirecTV® satellite receiver with your computer
Dscaler - very useful, versatile free video scaler
DVArchive - Virtual Replay TV for your PC
DVD Profiler - catalog DVD collection
DVHSTool - read/write HDTV transport Streams to/from a D-VHS VCR
FCCHandler VirtualDub-MPEG2 - handles MPEG2 content
ffdshow - DirectShow decoding filter for decompressing DIVX & XVID movies
ffdshow - alternate download site (6/23/04)
ffdshow - alternate download site (6/23/04)
Ffdshow FAQ - AVS Forum ffdshow FAQ thread
Freevo - home theater PC platform based on Linux
GB-PVR - fully featured Personal Video Recorder (5/3/2004)
GotTV PVR - all in one PVR for TV, movies, music, photos... (7/1/04)
GSpot - audio/video codec information appliance (1/26/05)
HDD - Intel Application Accelerator - support for hard drives >137 Gigabytes, <= Intel 860 (5/23/04)
HDD - Maxtor Big Drive Enabler - support for hard drives >137 Gigabytes, > Intel 860 (5/23/04)
HDTV Card Buyer's Guide - AVS Forum thread (V2.5 -updated on 4/11/04) (6/19/04)
HIP from ByRemote - Human Interface Programmer - simple & versatile minimal screen keyboard remote (9/29/04) - HTPC news, reviews, gaming, guides... (6/8/04)
HDTVtoMPEG2 - AVS thread on HDTV to MPEG2 file conversion (10/5/04)
HDTVtoMPEG2 - download - HDTV to MPEG2 file conversion application (10/5/04)
HDTVtoMPEG2 description-download - (5/21/05)
How to record via 1394/Firewire to WindowsXP - AVS Forum thread - 2 download links below (10/5/04)
CapDVHS zip file - capture software for 1394/Firewire to Windows XP download (10/5/04)
HT core driver zip file - device driver for 1394/Firewire to Windows XP download (10/5/04)
iuVCR - universal video recording program (2/8/04)
Karnis' Custom Resolution Guide for PowerStrip - AVS Forum thread for 1080i HDTV-HTPC-POWERSTRIP-RADEON
LCD Master - LCD/VFD screen manager (pay version Girder required) (2/10/04)
Media Engine - HTPC front end - audio/video interface (7/7/04)
MediaPortal - PVR & many other useful features (5/16/04)
Meedio Express - access digital photos & music using your TV and remote control (11/3/05)
Mimic - HTPC front end - build complex, flexible user interfaces (7/7/04)
Moonlight-Elecard MPEG2 Player - excellent tool for viewing, e.g. SVCD streams (6/24/04)
MsDVR 2000 - digital VCR for personal computers (5/3/2004)
Multi-Median - HTPC front end - new standard for Home Theater PC (7/7/04)
My Movies - remote operated DVD index, free add-on app for Media Center Edition users (2/1/05)
My Settop Box - assemble your very own settop box using Linux (7/7/04)
MyHTPC - excellent free front end software
Got TV (at myHTPC) - can be used as integrated TV solution for myHTPC system
MythTV - PVR project, one of best HTPC front ends out there
NetRemote - remote control for HTPC
Nimo's Codec Pack website - A/V codecs & DirectShow filters (2/8/04)
Nokia Monitor Test - the best way - by far - to find stuck or dead LCD pixels (6/7/05)
OpenMC - Open Source Multimedia Center
OpenHTPC - Home Theater PC (HTPC) front-end software (5/16/04)
PCI Latency Tool - utility to set PCI latency & possibly improve stutter or FPS (1/26/06)
PowerStrip - advanced, multi-monitor, programmable hardware support for graphics cards
RadLight Filter Manager - allows you to change registered merit values of DirectShow filters (12/11/05)
Rage3D - ATI utilities site (6/18/04)
Rage3D Tweak - custom resolutions for ATI cards (6/18/04)
ReClock DirectShow Filter - get rid of jerky playback of AVI and MPEG material (6/24/04)
RefreshForce - permanently fixes the Windows 2000/XP refresh rate problem (8/14/06)
RefreshLock - enjoy higher display frequencies w/o hassle of installing special drivers (8/14/06)
RivaTuner - powerful tweaking utility for NVIDIA & ATI display adapters (4/25/06)
Server Elements NASLite - a simple dedicated file server using old hardware (12/5/04)
SME Server - Linux file server: versatile, simple, secure, cross platform (9/25/04)
Sony DVP-CX777ES RS232 controller - Windows program for Sony DVP-CX777ES 400-disc DVD player
SuperNudelist - CD/DVD megachanger for Pronto remote (2/8/04)
Surround Sound formats - surround sound formats explained with diagrams (7/18/04)
Test Patterns - test pattern apps for setting up a CRT projector with/PC (6/24/04)
TheaterTek - free demo version of TheaterTek, top rated DVD player (12/25/05)
TightVNC - HTPC network remote control
Titan TV - the most definitive source for what is on TV
TV tuner card drivers - WDM Video Capture Driver for XP - information on TV tuner cards & PVR software (6/12/04)
Ultr@VNC - HTPC network remote control
VideoLan - video streaming solution for every OS (2/6/04)
Vidomi - plays TV quality XviD and DivX™ MPEG4 video (2/8/04)
Virtual VCR - DirectShow video capture application
VirtualDub - video capture/processing utility (2/8/04)
VobSub - can load subtitles (vobsub, ssa, srt, sub, ...) into movies being played (6/25/04)
VobSub - Home of VobSub, Media Player Classic (MPC) & other utilities (7/19/04)
Windows Media High Definition Video - watch stunning HD movies on your PC (7/1/04)
WMV HD Playback Tool - analyze your HTPC for WMVHD file playback & bottlenecks (2/4/06)
Xlobby - excellent free front end software
XMLTV - utilities to manage TV viewing (2/8/04)
XONE MEDIA CENTER - HTPC interface front end software (7/7/04)
YXY - aspect ratio for DVD players, like Zoom Player (2/8/2004)
Links for backup & copying CDs, DVDs... - video players & other free downloads... (6/24/04)
Audiograbber - CD-Ripper for Windows (7/1/04)
AutoGK (Auto Gordian Knot) - create excellent quality backups of your DVDs (6/23/04)
burn4free - new free burning solution & DVD copy (7/1/04)
burnatonce - master data and audio discs, read/write image files and copy on the fly (2/18/04) - everything you need for CD/DVD burning info (1/31/04)
CDBurnerXP Pro - burn CD-R, CD-RW DVD+R/RW DVD-R/RW discs, a lot like Nero but free (9/25/04)
DAEMON Tools - useful for mounting DVD images... w/DVD Decrypter (1/31/04)
Doom9 - The definitive DVD backup resource
DriveImage XML - easy reliable program for imaging & backing up partitions & logical drives (4/25/06)
DVD Region Patches - codefree region patches on the web for DVD-ROM players
DVD43 - very good app for use with ripper-free software
DVDShrink - excellent free software to backup DVD discs - download latest video & audio codecs free (6/23/04)
IfoEdit - solution to DVD Copy 1:1
ImgBurn - ImgBurn can write most types of CD / DVD images (11/17/06)
Remote Selector - great free program removes Macrovision & region lock on software DVD players (11/1/04)
Ripping 101 - AVS Forum thread, DVD copying & burning info (10/9/04)
Smart Projects IsoBuster - the Ultimate CD & DVD data recovery software (3/11/05)
SmartRipper - DVD VOB file extractor/"DVD ripper" - download audio & video codecs, software, games, drivers + news (6/23/04)
SVCD2DVD or HDTV2DVD - HDTV to DVD made simple (3/25/06)
The Firmware Page - firmware for optical CD/DVD drives (2/20/04)
vStrip - Descrambling/Ripping tool, hard to learn but guaranteed results (6/7/05)
Removable storage & media
CD Media World - media resource & download site (1/31/04) - removable media resource site (1/31/04)
DVD+RW Alliance - DVD+RW resource site - largest, independent, online source for DVD+RW (1/31/04)
Recipe for DVD - DVD resource site (1/31/04) - also known as & (6/23/04)
I/O (Input/Output) info
EVERYTHING USB - USB I/O resource site (1/31/04) - FireWire I/O resource site (1/31/04)
Gary Field's SCSI Info Central - tons of info on the SCSI interface (1/31/04) - catalyst for the DTV revolution (2/3/2004)
IR Remote - IR remote control article for HTPC (8/25/04)
IR Remote - IRAssistant - free alternative to Girder, remote control PC apps and actions (8/31/06)
IR Remote - JP1 Remotes Forum - main forum for JP1 remote issues (8/25/04)
IR Remote - Yahoo Group JP1 Users - IR.exe, Keymap Master, RemoteMaster for IR remote (8/25/04)
IR Remote - MiriServer - free software for IR remote control for HTPC (8/25/04)
IR Remote - WinLIRC - free software for IR remote control for HTPC (8/25/04)
IR Remote - LIRC - free software for IR remote control for HTPC - Linux OS (8/25/04)
PCI Express - introduction to PCI Express (6/23/04)
PCI SIG - PCI, PCI-X, PCI Express I/O site (1/31/04)
PDA Archives - resource site for older PDAs (7/1/04)
PDA - FreewarePalm - PalmOS & Pocket PC Windows Mobile PDA freeware (7/1/04)
PDA - FreewarePPC - PalmOS & Pocket PC Windows Mobile PDA freeware (7/1/04)
PDA - Handango - advanced search for many PDAs, sort prices for free downloads (7/1/04)
PDA - - freeware for your versatile PDA (7/1/04)
PDA - Tucows PDA - lots of freeware for many different PDAs (7/1/04)
SCSI Planet - All the SCSI, all the time (1/31/04)
Wi-Fi - AvantGo HOTSPOT LOCATOR - JiWire for use w/Palm OS & Pocket PC devices (6/30/04)
Wi-Fi - JiWire - Wi-Fi Hotspot finder, product news, industry reviews (6/30/04)
Wi-Fi - - troubleshoot & shore up Wi-Fi security (6/30/04)
Themes, desktop enhancements, miscellaneous...
Apple - Movie Trailers - Apple's site on movie trailers using QuickTime video (10/25/04)
Arkaos Visualizer - add visualization to music
Atnotes - drag & drop sticky Post-it like notes on your screen (6/30/04)
Atomic TimeSynch - synchronize with govt. Atomic clock (2/10/04)
BeyONdTV - showcasing features that the mainstream media ignores (5/3/2004)
BZ Hider - mouse cursor hider for Win32 (2/8/04)
CDCOVERS.CC - CD cover art, world's largest cover archive
Click-N-Type virtual keyboard - on-screen virtual keyboard
coverxp - print your CD/DVD covers in seconds... (6/23/2004)
Dave's Quick Search Taskbar Toolbar Deskbar - for search hounds with weary mouse-fingers (5/3/2004)
DeskColor - customize Icons on the Desktop
Desktop Icon Hider - hide your desktop Icons, Start Button (2/8/04) Forum - currently down, alternative site (6/23/04)
ElmuSoft Download Page - many useful downloads like PTBSync, Atomic Clock Synchronization... (12/8/04)
EMS-Project - great free Internet surfing companion (6/26/04)
ESPN BottomLine - displays live scores & news on Windows desktop (7/1/04)
FeedReader - supports major RSS formats - aggregate and organize online news (6/30/04)
Gotcha Covered - batch downloading of album & DVD covers (2/8/04)
HP photo tools & templates - personalized photo tool for T-shirts, mugs, calendars... (7/1/04)
IconHider - hides Icons, for Win32 (2/8/04)
Jet Toolbar - useful desktop toolbar - float or dock & many features (6/30/04)
KeyTweak - keyboard remapper for Windows 2000 or XP (2/6/04)
Kill Win - shut down, restart, or log off Windows at specified times (6/30/04)
MobyDock - an Apple-like dockbar (5/3/2004)
MobyDock - DOWNLOAD.COM alternative (6/21/2004)
MobyDock - alternative (6/23/2004)
Movie Wallpapers - movie wallpapers sorted by movie title (10/25/04)
Movie-List - great site for movie trailers (10/25/04)
MultiPatcher - Patch Windows XP to use Unsigned Themes & Visual Styles (5/3/2004)
Nostalgic Screensaver - shows your images similar to documentaries and biographies
ObjectDock - great interactive application launcher (2/20/04) - some beautiful themes, wallpaper & icons a la mac (6/26/04)
Picasa - instantly find, edit & share all the pictures on your PC (1/30/05)
Rainy's Rainlendar - customizable calendar displays current month (5/3/2004)
SAMURIZE.COM - desktop customization program (1/31/04)
Set Your Computer Clock - world animation display + official U.S. time (5/17/04)
Set Your Computer Clock - via the Internet NIST Internet Time Service (5/17/04)
SmartBarXP - best Windows Start Bar replacement bar none (2/20/04)
Smiley & images site - The Ultimate Pointless Website (5/31/04)
Smiley site - Best Smileys Page Index (5/31/04)
Smiley site - (5/31/04)
Smiley site - my Smileys, German (5/31/04)
Smiley site - (5/31/04)
The Open Video Project - interesting archival video - a shared digital video collection, open-source (10/25/04)
Theme Doctor - top rated site for themes & screensaver downloads (1/25/06)
ThemeXP - almost infinite amount of quality windows substitute themes (6/26/04)
ThePhoneBot - use PC as telephone answering machine with Caller ID (9/16/05)
Video filters - some useful tools & effects... (6/13/04)
WindowBlinds - fully control GUI (2/6/04)
World Time - atomic clock synchronization (5/17/04)
Xnews - excellent Usenet newsreader for Windows (6/30/04)
XPthemes - your headquarters on Windows XP customization (6/26/04)
Audio information links, measurement & loudspeaker design software
ACXO - acoustic correction & digital crossover for PC (9/22/04)
AlmusVCU - Linux convolver for Auralisation, binaural, Ambisonics & ITU 5.1 (9/22/04)
Audio DIY Projects - various projects, some involving use of PC & components... (8/15/06)
Boston Audio Society links pages - many categories of informative & hi-end audio links (9/23/04)
BruteFIR - Linux versatile basic convolver for crossovers, equaliztion, Auralisation, Ambisonics... (9/22/04)
Convolver - convolver plug-in for Windows Media Player & DirectX for room correction (8/15/06)
Digital Crossover Filter Construction/Playback - digital crossover filters w/driver correction (2/6/04)
Digital Room Correction - Digital Room Correction software by Denis Sbragion (9/22/04)
Digital Room Correction - instructions by Jones Rush on how to setup & use DRC (9/22/04)
Digital Room Correction links + guide - links & guide for DRC software by Denis Sbragion (9/22/04)
ETF audio file reader - for reading .etf acoustic measurement files, also a demo (1/22/05)
FRD Consortium - acoustic design tools (2/6/04)
Function Generator - generates sine, square & triangle wave signals from 1 Hz to 20 kHz (6/26/04)
Liberty Instruments - Praxis loudspeaker measurement software - free download (5/3/2004)
Martin J. King's MathCAD models - Quarter Wavelength Loudspeaker Design (2/6/04)
NCH Tone Generator - excellent audio test tone generator (9/14/04)
RAL/Realtime Analyzer Light - measure & equalize sound system acoustics (need dB meter, 3-day trial) (8/19/04)
Room EQ Wizard - Java application for measuring room responses and correcting modal resonances (8/15/06)
SketchUp - powerful tool for quickly & easily creating, viewing & modifying your 3D ideas (4/28/06)
Speaker Workshop - freeware site devoted to creating loudspeakers (2/6/04)
The Edge - baffle diffraction simulator (5/3/2004)
The LDSG - a COMPENDIUM of recommended speaker drivers, crossovers, electronics... (5/16/05)
UniBox - excellent free speaker design software (2/6/04)
WinISD Pro - free speaker design software (2/6/04)
Games & online gaming for PC
Download Free Games - download over 140 virus & spyware free games (7/1/04)
FILE FRONT - 50 latest games in reverse chronological order (7/1/04)
FilePlanet - online play foe IGN/GameSpy software games (7/1/04)
FILESHACK - fastest loading game site on the Web (7/1/04)
FRAPS - benchmarking, screen & video capture tools for DirectX & OpenGL games (9/21/04) - latest video & computer game downloads (7/1/04) - play online games: chess, checkers, Battleship, Stratego, Go (similar variations)... (7/02/04) - games for everyone (7/02/04)
WORTHPLAYING FILES - search games by keyword or category (7/1/04)
Hardware info, news, reviews, shopping
[H]ard|OCP - hardware site (1/31/04) - dual CPU site (1/31/04)
Ace's Hardware - hardware site (1/31/04) - news, reviews, articles... (1/31/04) - products, support, resources (1/31/04)
AnandTech - hardware analysis & news site (1/31/04) - reviews of DVD movies, hardware... (1/31/04) - your basic hardware page (1/31/04) - UK's Premier Modding & Review site (6/7/04) - DIY PC resource site (1/31/04)
CHAITGEAR - news & reviews for digital audio & video consumers (5/19/04)
CNET - technology news & business reports (1/31/04)
CNET reviews - CNET reviews page (1/31/04) - product reviews, shopping, tech news, downloads (1/31/04) - tomorrow's device technology today (1/31/04) – hardware resource site (1/31/04) - lots of PC info, quiet PC components & discounts (1/31/04)
EarthWeb - hardware/software news resource site (1/31/04) - gigantic list of consumer electronics reviews (5/20/04)
Explosive Labs - hardware/peripheral reviews, articles, news... (1/31/04)
ExtremeTech - hardware/software info site - the online technology resource (1/31/04)
GIZMODO - gadget guide, lots of new HTPC accessories... (4/22/05)
Hardware Hell - vast hardware/software resource site (1/31/04) - hardware reviews, articles, news... (1/31/04)
HardwareCentral - in-depth computer hardware info (1/31/04)
hARDWAREMANIA - hardware reviews, news... (1/31/04)
Hardwareseeker - hardware news, articles & reviews (1/31/04) - hardware news, reviews, articles... (1/31/04)
Hot Hardware - only the hottest PC hardware tested & burned in (1/31/04)
InfoWorld - news, reviews & analysis (1/31/04) - products, tools, resources, downloads (1/31/04)
LOSTCIRCUITS - reliable hardware reviews (2/7/04) - motherboard reviews & database (1/31/04) - hardware, software, mobile computing (1/31/04)
MODTHEBOX.COM - Canada's premier case modding source (1/31/04) - hardware, DVD movie reviews... (1/31/04) - motherboard resource site (1/31/04)
Neoseeker - hardware & games reviews index (1/31/04)
Network World Fusion - useful news, resources site, home page (1/31/04)
Nexus Hardware - hardware reviews, articles, news... (1/31/04)
PC Abusers - advice, news, reviews (1/31/04)
PC Magazine - articles, news, reviews... (1/31/04)
PC Perspective - excellent forums, e.g. Liquid Cooling Forum, “reference of choice regarding PCs” (11/12/04) - vast hardware resource site (1/31/04) - news, reviews, how-to, downloads (1/31/04) - where the big players come to cool off (11/12/04)
Ram Electronics - resourceful hardware HTPC interface setup
Sharkey Extreme - hardware site (1/31/04) - reference site about quiet, low noise, noise-free PCs & components (11/12/04) - info/news source for semiconductor industry (1/31/04)
STORAGE REVIEW.COM - hardware storage site (1/31/04)
TechFest - ultimate tech info source (1/31/04)
The Hank Files - the truth is right here... (1/31/04)
the INQUIRER - news, reviews, facts & friction
the TECH REPORT - personal computing explored (1/31/04)
The Tech Zone - computer hardware reviews (1/31/04)
tom's hardware guide - news, reviews, latest hardware (1/31/04)
VR-Zone - VIRTUAL ZONE - hardware resources, news, networking, audio, display... (1/31/04) - wide format printer resource site (1/31/04)
Windows Clusters Resource Center - large storage capacity resources (1/31/04)
Woody's Watch - Microsoft software advice, tips & news
X-Bit labs - hardware news & reviews site (1/31/04)
XtremeSystems.Org - computing with no limits (2/1/2004)
ZDNet - hardware/software reviews & prices, tool, downloads... (1/31/04)
Bargain shopping for music, movies... & price comparison sites
Acoustic Sounds - high quality SACD, DVD, CD, vinyl... recordings of different genre (7/02/04)
Amazon - CDNOW - music, video, DVD site for Amazon (7/02/04) - DVD, computer & video games, music, books... (7/02/04)
Auction Sniper - automates process of placing your eBay bid in closing seconds (5/13/05)
bargain$ - special deal notices, to quote “You paid what?!” (3/11/05)
Barnes & - deals on DVD & Video, music, books... (7/02/04)
Best Buy - deals on music, movies, games, electronics... (7/02/04)
BMG Music Service - music club with good deals & selection on various music genre (7/02/04)
brainwashed - unique site for new music of wide taste (7/02/04)
CD Universe - “your online music store” (7/02/04)
CHEAP-CDS - “Look, listen & buy online at Cost” (7/02/04)
Chesky Records - “The Premiere Audiophile Record Label” (7/02/04)
Columbia House - deals in music, DVD, video... clubs (7/02/04)
CPU Prices - price chart by month for 1,000 unit quantites - as indicator (5/21/05)
AMD CPU Prices - price chart for 1,000 unit quantites - as indicator (5/21/05)
Intel CPU Prices - price chart for 1,000 unit quantites - as indicator (5/21/05)
Deep Discount DVD - guaranteed lowest total price (7/02/04)
DVD Price Search - “the smartest way to compare DVD prices online” (3/7/05)
eBay - huge online new & used auction site
Elusive Disc Inc. - SACDs, DVD-As, XRCDs, LPs (7/02/04)
FatWallet - special deal notices, “The smart way to shop online.” (3/11/05)
freecycle - any & every item is FREE - be it a stereo, TV, fax machine, piano, or an old door... (11/14/04)
GEMM - world's largest music catalog (7/02/04) - home page - deals on music, DVDs, movies, video games... (7/02/04) - Music - excellent & cheap music (CD...) selection site (7/02/04) - Movies - excellent & cheap DVDs/movies selection site (7/02/04) - Video Games - excellent & cheap Video Games selection site (7/02/04)
HDCD Music Catalog - the most comprehensive source for HDCD-encoded CDs (7/02/04)
J&R Music & Computer World - audio, video, games, movies, music, computers, software... (7/02/04)
musicdirect - audiophile site for Gold & HDCD, SACD, XRCD, DVD-Audio & Video... (7/02/04)
MusicStack music marketplace - buy music CDs, used CDs, rare vinyl records... (7/2/04)
Negative/Neutral Feedback - returns just negative & neutral ratings for any eBay user ID (3/12/05) - online outlet for books, movies, music & games... (7/02/04)
Price Watch - street price search engine - buy used bargain or sell your DVDs, CDs, VHS... (7/02/04) - buy, sell or trade music, dvds, games (7/02/04) - save money on all your technology product purchases (11/29/04)
VCDGallery - VCD movies & SVCD (7/02/04)
XRCD by JVC - XRCD, extended resolution CD site (7/02/04)
Yahoo shopping - very useful price comparison site

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