Friday, September 28, 2007

Yet Another Facet of Murphy's Law 2


Any time you have something scheduled that you intend to do (college class, appointment, job, vacation, etc.) something will invariably arise that demands your attention at exactly the time you were supposed to be doing said schedule item. The item that just came up will always be inescapable and the scheduled item will always have been already paid for with no chance of a refund.

This one happens to me all the time. Most recent case: I am a computer instructor for a job training and staffing agency where I teach MS Windows (blech) and Office to potential job-seekers as well as other individuals funded by any of various organizations, their employer, or possibly themselves. Unfortunately, this is only a part time position in the morning. This leaves the afternoon for other stuff, like finishing my college degree.. So I've been planning on getting back into it for awhile now because working part time doesn't cut it for getting the bills paid. However, we recently applied for a grant which would necessitate my working full-time and a pay raise if approved. This was in June or July we submitted our proposal the first time. A couple months went by and turned out there was one item left out of the proposal (which was also missed by most other applicants) making it non-functional. The RFP was re-released with the full requirements and a checklist so items would not be missed. So by the time all of that was done we made our second submission in September. Now just today we found out it made it past the initial review and now are waiting on further information. In the meantime I had applied for college admission months ago, and was waiting to sign up for classes until I knew my schedule, but by now classes have long since started and I'm not in 'em. Damn you Murphy... damn you......

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