Sunday, October 21, 2007

New employment technology, untapped US market

I came across an extremely interesting article about a new technology in use in Japan that I believe needs to come over here. The original article is available for your viewing pleasure at

The handheld device shows the location of all of the workers located in the area, and using it, employers are able to find people who are qualified for the particular job they need filled. This is in response to an increasing trend for young professionals to be in varying positions and not be locked into one job. This is not only the case in Japan, and I think that this would be not only extremely popular, but profitable here in the US. I would like to make this a reality, and am seeking somebody who is interested in getting this project off the ground, starting here in Anchorage, Alaska. I have the connections and ability to obtain space on radio towers if the interest was generated and the technology was obtained, licensed, or developed. I think this would be a great opportunity for a new startup, and would love to work with like-minded others to make this a reality. This is clearly an untapped market in the US, and potential for a national corporation exists, so forward-looking and thinking individuals who are business-oriented and enterprising should contact me immediately and we will discuss what we can do to bring this to our country. I can be reached by commenting on this article or email at lockext &t gmail /dot/ com. Decode the address, if you're human it shouldn't be too hard. ;) I'm looking for people who are serious about doing business and want to make this happen before somebody else takes over the market! Don't wait, let's make it happen!

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