Thursday, October 11, 2007

Help find Steve Fossett, or earn money!

I just found out that there is a good way that everyone on the net can help in the search for missing pilot Steve Fossett, and it is very easy. I implore everyone to go to and sign up for this service (it is an service) which will allow you to accept jobs (many of which you can earn money for) including reviewing satellite images for objects that could be the wreckage of his plane. This is very important, and a good cause, and when you decide you are finished looking at satellite images for plane wreckage, you can use the service, called Mechanical Turk, to either submit jobs to be done by members of the internet community for a fair rate, or you can work on jobs submitted by others with a known amount to be paid on completion. If you submit jobs, you will be able to review the work done and accept or reject it, and you will only be charged if you accept. As a member of the community working on jobs, you post your solutions and if accepted, the amount earned is deposited in your account, and you can then transfer it to your personal checking account.

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