Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Enter your password securely

I came across a nifty little utility that just might keep you from having your passwords stolen from you by a keylogger or similar devices and programs. Neo Aplin wrote this tiny little app called Neo's SafeKeys which will let you enter your passwords via a little onscreen keyboard. The really nifty part is that not only are you defeating keyboard loggers, but it places the buttons differently and the program window is a different size each time it's run, thereby defeating any program that attempts to log which button was clicked by mouse placement. All-in-all if you use public computers or even are just paranoid about your own and run Windows, this app's for you! If you missed the above link, here it is again.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gabe Perez

I came across this picture on the net today and I want to know more about it. check it our for starters:

So, where did this come from? Who is this Gabe Perez guy and what possessed him to do this? I think it's hilarious and want to know more. I apologize about the crappy image quality but for some reason Blogger does that to it when I upload it, to see a better version click here. Anyways, I searched and couldn't find anything, could any of my fellow stumblers help?